The Audiology Project

  Promoting the Audiologic Medical Management of Hearing and Balance

Advocate in Your State

Raise awareness of Diabetes Ear Disease: Fall prevention and hearing loss

On September 28, 2016 the three Audiology Organizations (ASHA, AAA and ADA) met to discuss the need for clinical guidelines and educational materials and resources for audiological management of chronic disease, starting with diabetes. The audiology organizations heard presentations from Centers for Disease Control, American Association of Diabetes Educators, Pharmacy, Optometry and expert Audiologists who explained the pathophysiological impact of diabetes on hearing and balance. CDC explained the process other allied health organizations took to create educational materials for use by primary care physicians, diabetes educators and allied health professionals. Now the work begins to create the framework of best practices and standards of audiological management for patients with diabetes and health professionals who help them navigate healthy lifestyles.

This work needs help from audiologists in every state. Join the Audiology Project as a volunteer and help raise awareness in the medical and allied healthcare professions!

Training will be available for state and local audiologists to launch awareness, education and referrals for managing diabetic ear disease.

The Audiology Project design impact includes:

  • White paper implications for audiology diagnosis, treatment and management (underway)
  • One page directive to CDC on diabetic ear disease
  • Recruit audiologists from each state to spearhead a state diabetic ear disease cohort
  • Contact state plan coordinators of healthy people 2020 plans (the new 2030 plans will begin development in 2018)
  • State level Institute of Medicine offices, integral for PCP and IM and endocrinology collaboration
  • State level meetings with AOA, AADE, DHHS, pharmacy, podiatry, dentistry to partner on PPOD collaboration.
  • Local educational forums on diabetic ear disease with medical societies

Proposed time table:

Year 1 - Develop structure of state cohorts and local plan: who, what, when, where, how

Year 2 - Begin collaboration and partnerships with medical and allied healthcare providers

Year 3 - Mentor state audiology cohorts just beginning to start programs