Our Mission!

The Audiology Project is unique in America as an integrated audiology initiative across a range of chronic diseases, seeking to promote early audiology diagnosis and treatment of hearing and balance disorders, improve the lives of people with hearing loss and balance problems and elevate educational programs in government, university and audiology practice.

The Audiology Project aims to:

  • Better understand how chronic diseases cause progressive decline in auditory and vestibular functioning and affect family communication, job performance and problems solving skills, quality of life and social behavior;

  • Develop evidence-based models of audiology care provision and audiology clinical guidelines to serve people with chronic diseases resulting in hearing and fall/balance decline;

  • Explore the trajectory of brain and functional changes in aging (pediatric through geriatric) through the impact of chronic disease on hearing and balance;

  • Provide educational programs to build knowledge and understanding of hearing loss and balance within the chronic disease community, as well as the impact of excessive noise and medications.

  • Build liaisons with optometry, podiatry, pharmacy and other professional allied healthcare groups to support early identification and treatment of hearing loss and balance issues resulting from chronic diseases and ototoxic/vestibulotoxic medications.

The Audiology Project