Updated A-V-C Side Effects of FDA Approved Drugs for Diabetes

Auditory-Vestibular-Cognitive Side Effects of FDA Approved Drugs for Diabetes

compiled by Robert M. DiSogra, AuD

There are 75 drugs (including oral, inject-able and inhalants) for diabetes management (as of 12/4/18).

The following list isolates the auditory, vestibular and cognitive side effects of these medications along with speech side effects (listed as Miscellaneous - Misc).

Vestibular side effects dominate the list (67/75 or 89%) followed by cognitive side effects (53/75 or 70%), auditory side effects (21/75 or 28%) and speech-related side effects (i.e, slurred speech)(16/75 or 21%). It is of interest to not that 14 of the 16 drugs had a speech-related side effect had slurred speech as a reported adverse event.

This information is critical for audiologists and ENT physicians who are managing auditory/vestibular issues with their diabetic patients.

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