TAP Fall Challenge for State and Country Cohorts

October 1-November 30, 2018
Goal: To deliver presentations to diabetes educators, medical societies, state agencies, public health departments, media on diabetes related hearing loss and balance problems. 

Points will be given to each audiologist for presentations when submitted.  Presentations must be with an audience of 5+ participants.
Double points when the presentation is to a TV or radio station and newspaper (own ads do not qualify).

Feel free to use the materials in educational materials for public health advocacy.
State cohorts will compile points for each of their audiologists in the state cohort and compete against other state cohorts. 
Prizes and recognition to top state/country and top 5 audiologists for number of presentations and points awarded.
To join the challenge as a state cohort, contact us today!

Yes!  India, England and South Africa are invited to join in the competition.  
Pull your audiologists together and plan to get started on October 1 to raise awareness of diabetes related hearing loss and balance issues.