CDC Progress/Updates

1) CDC has a patient care book called Take Care of Your Diabetes (TCYD). The book is a guide for patients regarding comorbid conditions and how to deal with the results of diabetes. Here is a link so you can understand why The Audiology Project is working to develop a chapter for the book on hearing and balance.

2) CDC is looking to add audiology to the PPOD tool guide, an interprofessional education and collaborative guide:

The new guide is expected to be the PPOD+A guide. This focus on working with podiatrists (balance), Pharmacists (hearing and balance), Optometrists (balance), and Dentists (hearing) are a unique means of ensuring that the person with diabetes (PWD) receives the best care for these comorbid conditions. If your time is limited and you can listen in the car, here is a youtube video for the guide:

3) CDC has addressed interprofessional education and interprofessional collaboration (IPE/IPC) so that patients can carry a checklist to different professionals to make notes and dates of evaluations. Here is the present CDC checklist, soon to include audiology hearing and balance records, as well as a info sheet on Healthy Eyes which is a great guide for Healthy Ears!

TAP has a team of 12 researchers and clinicians who are presently addressing the development of TCYD, PPOD+A and these health visit checklists for persons with diabetes (PWD).

The Audiology Project