Key Questions for TAP Advocacy to Kick Off 2019

Happy New Year one and all! We trust that your holidays were filled with great times with family and friends and that you are back, refreshed and ready for a fantastic 2019.

If you are like most folks, you did some reflecting on 2018 as the year drew to a close. Some of you probably also created New Year’s Resolutions where you gave yourself specific personal goals to work towards in 2019.

Did you do the same for your TAP Diabetes Advocacy?

If so, kudos to you. But drilling deeper, did you also reflect on your state and local advocacy journey? Did you think about two questions in particular:

  • Who can I contact in my local area?

  • How do I want to present the Audiology Diabetes Care message?

Thinking About the Future of You & The Audiology Project in 2019

We encourage Audiologists to look long and hard at those two questions. That’s because the answers have a significant bearing on your own audiology practice, your employees, and your community.

The first question is fairly standard. Picking a time frame and working towards it seems pretty obvious right? However, in our experience far too many audiologists decide to act only when external circumstances force them to.  

This leads automatically to the second question: how do you want to present the TAP Diabetes Care message? Do you want to be in control of the messages to your community, or do you want to take a back seat and watch the advocacy unfold around you (or not)?

Start 2019 with a Successful TAP Advocacy Message

We will keep this first post of 2019 short since I am sure you (like me) are scrambling now to get caught up with your work (and trying to figure out how to lose the 10 pounds you gained over the holidays). While you’re on the treadmill, keep these two questions in mind at the start of your year:

  • When do I want to start advocating?

  • How do I want to start advocating?

Your thoughtful consideration of these two questions may help you make the most important decisions you make all year!  Promoting the 2019 TAP webinar series (with free CEs to medical professionals) can really help you with both of these questions.  If you would like to learn more, contact us for more information!

Check the Webinars page to download the 2019 webinar series schedule!

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