The Audiology Project is pleased to announce a full NEW publication!

The Audiology Project is pleased to announce a full NEW publication regarding the link between hearing loss, balance issues, and diabetes. The November 2019 issue 04 of Seminars in Hearing, from Thieme Publishing, brings together a collaborative effort that is more than two years in the making.

The beginnings of this publication can be traced back to the very beginnings of The Audiology Project over 7 yrs ago when it was found that there was no information available on the link of hearing loss / balance and diabetes. During our stakeholders meeting that took place in 2016, an idea was discussed to raise world-wide awareness on this link and push Audiology into the care of persons with diabetes. 

Although the initial plan was to produce a series of white papers, our writers (who are Researchers and Audiologists), delivered much more substantive information on this detailed topic. A full Seminars in Hearing publication was suggested detailing an overview of the pathophysiology of diabetes effects on hearing and balance, diagnosis of hearing / balance and pharmaceutical issues, and audiology monitoring and management recommendations for diabetes patient care.  

We are so thankful for the collaborative effort that took place to bring all of this together. Many thanks to the writers of this publication as they have spent many hours over the course of 2+ years to bring this to not only the Audiology audience, but to the world. It is our hope all medical professionals will better understand the chronic disease issue of diabetes and better manage patients who need audiology care for hearing and balance issues. 

We urge you to join The Audiology Project to move the issue of audiology care for all chronic diseases forward in your state agencies and professional organizations.

Direct publication via Thieme Publishing*

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*abstracts are available to read through on all articles but to access the full text of the articles you will need a subscription. The direct article Epidemiology of Diabetes and Hearing Loss by Baiduc, Rachael R.; Helzner, Elizabeth P. is available full text without a subscription for personal use only.

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