TAP Webinar Continuing Education Credits

2019 is bringing some amazing things for The Audiology Project. One huge announcement is that TAP is offering a series of CME/CE certified webinars focused on the CDC inter-professional model of diabetes care tool kits.

Registration for each month’s webinar is located by clicking on the WEBINARS tab above!

With CDC’s suggestion that we invite family physicians to the webinar series, TAP investigated the possibility of awarding continuing medical education (CME) to physicians, as well as CE to other diabetes care professionals. TAP was able to form an alliance with the Postgraduate Institute for Medicine and are excited to offer free continuing education to the following medical professionals:

- Physicians

- Nurses

- Dietitians

- Pharmacists

- Podiatrists

- Optometrists

- Dentists

- and of course, Audiologists!

Based on each professions continuing education program, the CE award credit is relative to a 1 hour webinar. Instructions are given on how to access and claim the CE credits during the live webinar.

The webinars are recorded and archived, and then made available on the TAP 2019 Replay list about a week after the live webinar. Each archived webinar recording is also certified for CE credit to be accessed at any time via the replay PDF. There is a link to the recording and how to claim credit.

Other professionals outside of those listed above can receive certificates of attendance. Please contact TAP or the PIM information provided within each webinar and its replay PDF.

Audiology credits are awarded through the American Academy of Audiology (AAA). These credits are given free to Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA) members. Other audiologists will receive certificates to apply to AAA or the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) for credits.

We are so excited to be offering this for you in partnership with the PIM, along with support in the form of unrestricted educational grants from Amplifon and Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals. To further this work and help TAP continue to keep these free. please visit our donation link above!

Thank you!