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HearDigits is an easy 3-minute hearing test using a web-browser and any pair of headphones. The widget is embedded into your website and visitors to your website are able to take this clinically-valid hearing test to identify hearing loss. Those who “fail” the hearing test may then be leads for an audiologist or hearing care practitioner.

You can opt to choose either a basic or premium subscription for the HearDigits widget. The features of each subscription include: 

Basic subscription - basic hearX branded widget embedded in your website with access to Leads portal where contact information for customers can be obtained. 

  • $18 p/month,

  • $216 p/year.

Premium subscription - allows for additional customization of the widget in terms of themes, additional features, font, color and text. The premium subscription will soon include the add-on option to include teleaudiology, wherein you can immediately contact the customer via videoconferencing and counsel them on taking up intervention. This feature will be at an additional cost. 

  • $32 p/month,

  • $384 p/year.

Just to clarify, here is more information on the difference between the basic and the premium subscription:

The basic subscription provides the widget ‘as-is’ in neutral coloring and with subtle hearX Group branding. The client still has access to the Leads portal free of charge and can track, action and follow up on referrals using Leads.

The premium subscription offers more options in terms of customization of the app, including the background color scheme, text size, font, additional counselling tools, what kind of branding the app has etc. The premium subscription also allows access to the Leads portal free of charge, where referrals can be tracked, acted and followed up on.

For more information, contact: Renate Olinger renate@hearxgroup.com

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