TAP Fall Challenge 2019

October is Audiology Awareness Month / November is Diabetes Awareness Month

October 1-November 30, 2018

The Audiology Project is announcing our annual competition to raise awareness of the emerging issue of diabetes, hearing loss and risk of falls.  All submissions will be shared.  Audiologists are the best people to describe, present and design this healthcare need.

Ready, Set, Go!!


1)     To deliver presentations to diabetes educators, medical societies, state agencies, public health departments, media on diabetes related hearing loss and balance problems

Points will be given to each audiologist for presentations when submitted.  Presentations must be with groups of 5+ participants.

Double points when the presentation is to a TV or radio station and newspaper.  Your own ads do not qualify.


2)     Refer patients with diabetes to a diabetes educator.  Diabetes educators are key to diabetes care and only 5% of persons with diabetes are referred.  Step up and make the recommendation to your patient and referring MD.

Keep track of your numbers through October and November.  1 point per 5 referrals.  Stay HIPAA compliant: don’t send patient names, just number of referrals.


3) Develop info-graphics for audiology hearing and balance care in diabetes.

Use templates in PowerPoint and include information on both audiology care and diabetes care.

See examples of CDC and the National Diabetes Education Program professional information HERE

Earn 2 points per info-graphic.  Not tech savvy?  Enlist your child or grandchild or friend😊


State cohorts will compile points for each of their audiologists in the state cohort and compete against other state cohorts.

Prizes and recognition to top state/country and top 5 audiologists for number of presentations and points awarded.

Want more information?Contact us at info@theaudiologyproject.com

The Audiology Project