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SC COHORT LEADER: Todd Gibson, Au.D.

Current work: South Carolina has an organized state Academy (South Carolina Academy of Audiology).  This network makes it easier to reach out to other audiologists in our state and request the help needed to contact primary care providers, diabetes educators, other health care professionals, and the general public.  In organizing at the state level for The Audiology Project (TAP), I wanted to assure representation from various regions of the state. I also felt it is important to have someone representing the capital area to have access to those in state government.  Those individuals might be involved in the agencies we need to stay in touch with to disseminate information and affect change. When approaching other audiologists in our state about an opportunity to be a part of TAP I was sure to make them aware of the benefits of volunteering for this mission.  In particular, they were gaining more knowledge about the comorbidities associated with hearing loss and forging new relationships with other providers and healthcare professionals in their areas. In the upcoming year, the South Carolina cohort of TAP will concentrate on introducing audiology to work with PPOD (Pharmacy, Podiatry, Optometry, and Dentistry) providers towards managing diabetes.



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