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AAA hosted this webinar for The Audiology Project

Federal, State and Local Advocacy for Audiology Management of Diabetes - September 25, 2018

The issue of audiology management of diabetes related hearing loss and balance problems was unknown to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)  in 2011 when they were first contacted.  Although CDC acknowledged the co-morbidity within months of being contacted and receiving research confirming the link, it was not until 2016 that they would recommend persons with diabetes receive a hearing test.  Even then, CDC was concerned about using the word "audiology" due to it being ‘foreign’ to many patients and providers.  With these issues now behind us, The Audiology Project (TAP) has been instructed to provide educational materials for use by CDC and the National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP) for professional and patient care.  Audiologists must understand the issue in order to reach out to federal, state and local medical professionals and educate them on the critical need for a baseline audiology evaluation at the time of diabetes diagnosis and ongoing monitoring and treatment as necessary.  

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July 24: TAP White paper

Hearing loss and diabetes: screening, diagnosis and treatment/monitoring

Christopher Spankovich, PhD

JUNE 26: Diabetes and audiological monitoring of ototoxic/vestibulotoxic medications

Robert DiSogra, AuD, Michelle B Mcelhannon, PharmD         

   May 22: Dizziness, Vertigo and Falls in Persons with Diabetes

Richard Gans, PhD, American Institute of Balance

April 24: PPOD & Audiology, a National Diabetes Education Program

Pamela Allweiss, MD, CDC   

March 27: Diabetes Educators and Audiology: Improving Patient Outcomes

Joanne Rinker, RD, CDE and Christine Pickup, AuD

February 27: Hearing and Balance Disorders from Diabetes

Kathy Dowd, AuD